Sunday, March 29, 2009

internet dating?

if there's one thing that i don't understand about computers, it's the facebook stalkers...i don't mean people that look through everybody's pictures...who hasn't? honestly, if you say you haven't you're lying..i'm talking about the people that go through the pictures of STRANGERS, and then based on their attractiveness (or ugliness), they add (or do not add..) them as friends, depending on their looks...they then proceed to say something like this to the add-ee: "hey wut's up? i added u b cuz u r sexy!" are they thinking that they're going to find a girl/boyfriend that way? personally, i'm very creeped out by people like that, and somehow eerily reminded of ted bundy...ok maybe that's taking it too far...if they're friends of a friend, it's more understandable, but..when it's someone that i would have NEVER met outside of facebook, it just comes off a little weird..if you're trying to find a date, go to an internet dating site..i'll even help you...the top 5 on google are: ,, ,, and take my advice: get your next significant other from one of these sites, and stop creepin' on facebook!


  1. nope i think thats just as creepy as facebook.

  2. ..but at least it's creepers meeting creepers..not creepers meeting non-creepers.. :)

  3. hahaha. Amy! i didn't know you had a blog. this is funny, so true. facebook has some pretty creepy people!