Sunday, March 15, 2009

Public Display of [Awkward] ahem...Affection...

a recent experience has reminded me just how ill that pda makes me feel...and by pda i don't mean holding hands or a quick kiss or something...the pda to which i am referring to happened (oddly enough) in a church building, while waiting to go to the draper temple open house...the couple in question were less sitting next to each other than on top of each other...some of the things they were doing made me wonder if they had forgotten they were in public..i felt like i had just walked in on them ( was that awkward)..and am i the only one that notices that the worst offenders of awkward pda are the most awkward/weird couples to begin with? maybe the pda is a validation of their relationship..i don't know how they try to justify it, but all i can say is biting your boyfriend's ear in public is NOT ok..and if you have to make out, get a room.. made me want to *blog*..(if it doesn't make sense, go back to my first writing)..



    the biting of the ear was more than i could handle.

    and they looked approximately 12 years old, also.

  2. There was actual ear biting involved? Ew.

  3. PDA is Pretty Darn Annoying if you ask me. College campus' are just crawling with offenders. I always enjoy your logical look into reality amy. haha.