Tuesday, April 7, 2009

goings on at byu...

this post is prompted, oddly enough, by observations made while running...i know, it'll surprise everyone that I, in fact, go running, but it happened...now while you recover from the shock of that, i will explain what i saw...this is in no way a criticism, but is simply what i deem somewhat atypical behavior..as i was running through campus, i noted that as the weather gets warmer, the activities participated in by some of the students seem to get..more, uh..unique..for example, probably the most popular activity I witnessed is couples who appear to be engaged getting their engagement pictures done by the waterfall, by the school sign entering campus...and for one couple, on the football practice field..the latter couple gave me a weird look as I ran by, as if I was the psycho..pardon me for exercising! Other activities that I saw while on my observatory run include: ultimate frisbee (which is by far the most popular game on campus, and which I personally detest unless played with my brothers), tight-rope walking (?), juggling, fencing, medieval martial arts (from which i gather the object to be chasing each other around with very large wooden swords), and four-square...another interesting phenomena that seems to occur as the weather gets warmer is many people on campus fall asleep in the middle of campus..on benches, under trees...to the outside observer it might appear that campus has been overrun by well-dressed hobos, but these are, in fact, students..

i know you're all wondering, have i ever participated in these activities? never. will i? probably not...but more power to the individuals that do..

one warm-weather activity, however, that i will NEVER participate in is what we like to call the face-eating contest...it's the couples that walk around campus basically fused together that periodically stop for make-out sessions...if there was a tally started for the number of couples that participate in this behavior, the numbers would be astronomically high..i just think that is something nobody needs to see..especially in such high doses..that is the one activity that i will criticize as being absurd and somewhat disturbing..really? get a room...

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