Saturday, March 14, 2009

i've always made bets with people, so it will come as a surprise to nobody that i made a bet a few days ago with a friend regarding a topic that will remain unspoken...however, i will say this about the's very controversial, and is completely open to personal, er..interpretation...anyway, in making this bet, i learned the very extent of my own tendency to be obstinate sometimes gets the better of me and frustrates a lot of people i know...when i'm right, (when i think i'm right...which is most of the time..and most of the time is opposite of reality..), i'm right, and there's no convincing me otherwise..i must admit however, that i was impressed that my friend matched my own my amount of headstrong opinion...he did not cave once, and we couldn't even agree to the bet continues...and if we both continue to be stubborn for the rest of our lives, i will have a $50 bet unsettled at the time of my solution? make him no conclusion to this dilemma?

...never make bets with men and make the winning or losing of the bet hang on the opinion of his best friend...odds are you'll lose..

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