Wednesday, March 11, 2009

illiterate sports fans

as a follow up to all of those soccer videos, i have been thinking...i don't understand how so many people (people of the female variety especially) that know absolutely nothing about sports...I can somewhat understand being disinterested...i am personally not interested in baseball...but at least i know who Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth are...but when it comes to people like a girl in class last semester who asked if Michael Jordan was "that one black swimmer guy"..really, have you been living under a rock for 19 years? you don't have to know about sports to know the greats..or to even appreciate the athletic talent that sports take...or the other girl that asked me what sport the world series might go ask well go ask someone the function of a steering wheel..and when i go to a football game with girls, i'd rather not have to explain that "offense" is "the guys with the ball"..and "defense" is "the guys trying to stop them"...there should be a mandatory sports 101 class in high school to save me from questions like these...


  1. jana do not be know that this was not meant to offend are not completely illiterate :) and at least you know who michael jordan is..

  2. Puh-lease...Michael Jordan? A black swimmer? That girl seriously must be on crack or somethin

  3. Thought you might want to see this: