Tuesday, March 10, 2009


one thing that bothers me probably more than anything is the people that feel they need to inform me of the weather..when i am outside EXPERIENCING it...like as I'm walking home from my 8 am soccer class in shorts when it's snowing outside..i'm a semi-smart individual...i definitely know that the fluffy white stuff is snow...what bothers me is as i'm walking home, a girl resembling an eskimo points and the sky and says, "it's snowing!"...huh..so that's what's going on...i KNOW it's snowing, but i just got done with an hour of physical activity (as if my red face and completely gross hair didn't alert her to that fact)...the weird, questioning looks i can handle..even the dirty looks don't bother me...the idiots that feel they need to inform me of the conditions, however, do make me want to repeatedly beat my head against a brick wall..

the state-the-obvious contest was last week...

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