Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. patty's day..

..one thing that came to my attention today is that people here at byu (and people in general) take some holidays too seriously..as i was walking to my friend's apartment, i was accosted by some girl that i had never seen before, and she proceeded to pinch me for not wearing green! first of all, a stranger getting that close to me completely invades my barrier of personal space...if you're pinching me, you dang well better be one of my pretty good friends...so i'm not wearing green.. pardon me for not celebrating some obscure holiday involving little green people that benefits me none... i mean, i'm not a drinker, so i can't use it as an excuse to get plastered...santa clause doesn't visit on st. patty's day, and i don't get the day off school...so the way i see it, you can keep your little green men..

and also, the celebration of "half birthdays" at byu astounds me...isn't the point of having a birthday to celebrate the DAY you were born, not 6 months after? I think it's bizarre to have a party for some random day that has basically nothing to do with the day you were born...

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