Tuesday, March 10, 2009

coming to college has shown me that i am misinterpreted...don't confuse this with misunderstood...i can make myself perfectly clear, but on a first impression basis, people misinterpret me...first of all, i'm sarcastic: it's how my family is, it's how my friends are, and (the most important thing to know) it's mostly always NOT meant to be serious...college has just gone to show me that i need to be more serious, because people don't think i'm ever kidding, which has potential to be disastrous (i have firsthand experience..not pretty). People that know me well know to only take me seriously when i'm swearing, or when the situation demands serious behavior...facial expressions are also a very good indication, and since my face can be read like a book, i think my sarcasm should be picked up on more..

A lot of times I wonder why people take me way more seriously than I intend to come off...the perfect example? my profile picture...most people put up pictures of themselves because they like the pictures..me? i think it's a funny picture..i don't think i should send it to tyra, or that i look amazingly hot in it...i actually think i resemble an overdressed hooker, and therefore am amused by this particular picture...I think this also makes people think that i am extremely full of myself, which i do not think is the case at all...i make jokes about how cool i am, but really i know that i'm a big loser...and i joke about it because i acknowledge this fact...the point to this blog?

..most of the time, i'm joking..

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