Wednesday, March 25, 2009


in honor of my very best friend, this post is dedicated to wondering why girls (not to stereotype, but mostly of the cheerleader variety) insist on bending one leg in every single picture they take...the worst offenders of this pose also accompany this atrocious look with the awkward hand-on-the-hot-guy's-chest-like-they're-at-prom setup..does it make them look sexier if they have one leg bent? i'm no model, and i never plan on becoming a model (especially if it involves bending only one knee in EVERY picture), but i would venture a no...contrary to popular belief, it does not show off your sexy sculpted calf if you bend your knee and point your toe...the only thing i notice that happens with this pose is the non-bent knee looks grossly hyperextended...

sorry, tyra..i just don't get it..


  1. so, basically the pose you strike in the picture to the right?

  2. my dear sister (or brother-in-law..whoever it may be...) go back to one of my first posts...that picture is meant to be a JOKE :)

  3. Thats why i stick to the facebook pose (its like myspace, BUT BETTER!)