Sunday, April 12, 2009

...conversations of the night..

there were a few interesting/amusing topics bouncing around tonight...i decided the only decent thing to do would be to share these anecdotes with others..
Conversation #1:
i was once again reminded that i could be a performer in a freak show at a, i can't contort my body in weird ways or make my eyes bulge out...the characteristic that qualifies me for this? i have finger feet...or toe thumbs...i've been harassed for this feature my entire life...the tragic part is i can do absolutely nothing about until someone invents thumb implants, i will have to suffer the embarrassment of having midget-sized fingers...
Conversation #2:
This is a theoretical situation prompted by a somewhat actual best friend plays soccer for weber state university...they played a tournament at BYU this weekend, and they found a thong near the field...and here comes the theoretical situation..what would happen if said article of clothing were to be traced to..GASP..a BYU student? Here's what i think would happen: the referee would stop the game for 'honor code violation' (i sincerely believe that this infraction is about to be incorporated into the rules for athletics at BYU); honor code commitee would be called on to investigate the breach, seal off the perimeter and examine the situation; offending girl would be thrown out for indecent exposure via underclothing; media leak across campus of the incident involving contraband panties on campus; chaos ensues...
..ok maybe that's taking it a bit far..but you get the point..
Conversation #3:
in reference to a previous blog..about blogging, we (my very stubborn friend and i) have come to the conclusion that the word 'blog' or 'blogging' sounds like a bodily function..i believe it sounds like the equivalent of laughing so hard that some kind of liquid comes out ones' nose..feel free to dispute that as you will..
Conversation #4: (this is more of a rhetorical conversation..which to some may seem like i'm talking to myself...not so..)
lying...this individual i was talking with tonight seems to enjoy lying to me...these lies aren't bad lies, they are more the kind that are told to make someone feel better...the perfect example? your friend asks you, "does this make me look fat?" or "does this look good on me?" the way i see it, either way you answer you're in trouble..if you say "yes, you look like a hippopotamus" or "no, it looks revolting", you're going to end up injured..but in the view of ethical behavior, society would suggest that lying and saying, "no, that horizontally-striped dress is very slimming" or "yes, it's gorgeous" is also a major faux-pas...i believe that this friend, however, against his better judgement, has decided to lie to me, for the sake of being nice...i just can't decide if i'd rather be told the truth, or just lulled into a state of false-confidence by the falsehoods...

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