Thursday, April 16, 2009

..i realize that most of my observations are made walking across campus, but what can you expect when i go to a school as people-watching friendly as BYU? anyway, as i was walking across campus today to turn in a paper, i was surprised as i realized how much i notice and appreciate guys opening doors for the people behind them..i do not consider myself an extremely high maintenance girl..definitely not the kind that stands there and waits until a guy opens the door for them...but any guy, regardless of if we're dating or not, gets bonus points when opening doors...even if it's just a stranger holding onto the door just for that extra second so the person behind them can get through without being hit in the face by said door..if he stops and lets the person behind him go in first while he's opening the door? double bonus points..again men, let me clarify so as not to seem bratty: door-opening is not a requirement, but who doesn't like extra bonus points every now and then? especially when they're so easy to obtain..


  1. good point. sure gets them bonus points from me. extra if they smile, ha.

  2. i very much agree with your observation! I always thought that was nice, too, especially since men in Tennessee for the most part do not understand the concept...