Saturday, December 5, 2009

dumb? maybe..classless? no..

ok, so i don't get what everyone is so angry at max hall for...yeah, so he wasn't tactful after the byu/utah game...but what adrenaline-pumped football player isn't? especially when his family was doused with alcoholic beverages the previous year at the opposing team's home field..not that i'm saying i agree with everything he said, but..give the guy a break..EVERY athlete trash-talks after they beat their rival school...especially when it's a major NCAA in-state rivalry like byu and utah..he was just dumb enough to say it on national television..max was probably especially emotional because it was his last home game, and, let's face it, he was trying to compensate for a not-so-stellar game last year..that combination would point to overstating his emotions..yes, he overgeneralized when he said that utah is classless..but personally, i have seen a severe lack of class from both fans and players from utah (not ALL, but many)..there were HOW many late hits that went unflagged in that game? not that i'm saying byu doesn't have its share of ignorant fans and players..i sat behind some of the least classy byu fans i've ever heard of at the game...irregardless of how blanket of a statement it was that was made by mr. hall, the fact remains that is was his own personal opinion, which everybody is entitled to per the 1st Amendment...again, not that i agree with everything he said, but..if my family had beer dumped on them at a football game and were verbally abused the entire time, you can bet i'd have more than just a few choice words directed towards that school...everyone needs to just CALM DOWN..

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