Thursday, June 18, 2009

my ADORABLE niece..yeah, i'd be jealous too..

after all my attempts at hilarity, i've decided that i want this post to be serious..i went to the hospital yesterday morning to see for the first time my brand-new niece..the first of 2 babies to be born into my family this summer..i want to congratulate my beautiful sister and her husband on their baby...seriously, is she not the cutest little person you have ever seen?'s still sinking in that my sister is a mother..i was thinking about all the memories i've had with her..growing up we shared a room, and as much as i hated it then, i appreciate it now..i got to know my sister more than i ever would have with a seperate room..she is going to be an amazing mother..i'm positive of this because she's brilliant, talented, and the most caring person i've ever met..i know that addison will always have someone to talk to and care for her, because my sister did that for me all growing up..congrats missy and andrew! :)

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