Sunday, May 31, 2009

...summer employment..

I recently realized that it has been a long time since i have actually written something on my i further thought about this fact, i realized it was because i had very little, if nothing, on which to comment...moving back to the relative normalcy of kaysville has left me with surprisingly nothing to say..until job is cashiering..i know, not a very lofty career, but it's the best i can do given the current economic status..this job, however, gives me a variety of points that amuse me..the most noted as of late is the obsession people have of pushing buttons a million times..let me explain: when swiping a debit card, after the PIN number is entered, the customer needs to push a small green button in order to accept the amount shown...some customers, however, feel the need to push said button approximately 37 times in the space of 2 seconds..i just want to take their face in my hands and scream "CAN'T YOU WAIT??" seriously, takes all of five seconds for the computer to process that you have pushed the button..just wait a freaking minute and it will work..i sit and laugh at the people that feel that pushing the button more makes the computer think faster..because those people are the people that think that double-clicking on a computer link on the internet will make it connect faster...i could go on and on and ON about the interesting people that come through the doors of Big 5..for example, the homeless man that bought a knife? yeah..that's what i thought too..but..that's a story for another day..

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  1. i thought you'd given up blogging!! welcome back!

    I anxiously await the story of the homeless man and the knife...