Friday, October 2, 2009

the past couple of years walking to school has taught me a few very interesting things that i feel the need to share. i don't mind not having a car, until it starts snowing..then it gets inconvenient, but still these observations apply. first and foremost: i have short legs. i was genetically short-changed, and i am reminded of that every time it takes me three years to get to campus. second: there should be some sort of passing lane for the people who walk insanely fast..or we all need blinkers on our butts..third: i have a new-found respect for speed-walkers..i can't even walk right slowly, so i am baffled at their ability to not only walk extremely quickly, but somehow make their legs look like they're bending backwards..fourth: men should NOT wear flip flops..i see this all too often and i believe it's revolting..fifth: whoever designed byu's campus was cruel. the hills are purposely designed to kill you. it's like byu's mocking me, saying "you can't even walk up this hill?'ll never make it in college"..thank you, knoll, for reminding me of my go along with that, the stairs by the RB are a nightmare..attempting to walk up/down them in the snow is just plain suicidal..and last, but not least...public transportation is fun and all, but if you're going anywhere at night, take a buddy..preferably one that is larger than all other people on the bus..i feel validated in these observations now that i am looking to purchase a car, and maybe you'll notice the same things next time you ever decide to stroll to campus...

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