Wednesday, August 19, 2009

return to...provo..

since it's been about half a decade since i actually wrote something on here instead of posting some random video, i have decided to once again grace cyberspace with my idle might find that my notes this year are not as cynical/laced with angry sarcasm as last year..this is due, in part (if not wholly) to the fact that i do not live directly south of a bell tower that goes off every single hour, without fail..or possibly it's because i'm not mentally and physically impaired by mononucleosis..either way, my take on byu is a lot more positive..i mean, think about it..first of all, it's not the dead of winter (yet), their football team is actually winning, max hall is throwing the ball to the right team, and the byu couples are once again displaying GROSS (in more than one way) amounts of pda...oh gotta love happy valley..


  1. hahaha gotta love the nice weather pda action going on around campus...yuck...i agree though, at least our football team seems to have it least so far...

  2. so glad you're finally back! I've just been waiting for you to post again! haha and I'm glad you're enjoying provo this time around...