Friday, July 17, 2009

with regard to the masses, i agree with Mr. Hamilton..

has anybody else ever noticed that stupid people seem to come in bunches?and by stupid, i mean people that are persuaded to act in a childish/immature/selfish manner... (and also stupid as in completely unintelligent)...encounters with these people seems to come in masses, not just one single's like these people have sensors buried deep down inside themselves that go off whenever someone starts acting that way, and they all come out of the woodworks at precisely the same time...i'm not talking about the stupid people that are aware of their unintelligence..i'm talking about the people who are blatantly ignorant of their ignorance..i'll admit i'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but i don't act like i'm 4 years old...what is it about stupidity that makes everyone want to join in? what continues to surprise me is the myriad of ways people discover to act stupid..(see above definition)...I always wonder if it's just a domino effect, or if it's some weird spinoff of mob mentality (for those of us who are not psycho-babble literate, "mob mentality" is used to refer to unique behavioral characteristics which emerge when people are in large groups. It is sometimes used disparagingly, as the term “mob” typically conjures up an image of a disorganized, aggressive, panicked group of people. [taken from]) people act stupid because they know other people are acting stupid at the same time? hmm..

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